Setting up an IIS6 Application Pool Identity

Setting up an IIS6 Application Pool Identity


Often times it’s necessary to run an ASP.NET application under a different user account than Network Service. Usually this is the case when Network Service doesn’t have enough rights to access necessary application resources like a database or a file share on a different server.

Here’s how to configure a different account (local account or domain account) so it has sufficient permissions to run an IIS6 Application Pool for ASP.NET applications:

  1. Add the account to the local IIS_WPG security group.
  2. Open the Group Policy Editor for the local computer (gpedit.msc)
  3. Drill down to: Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Local Policies/User Rights Assignments
  4. Add the new identity account to the following polices:
    – Adjust memory quotas for a process
    – Logon as a service
    – Replace a process level token
  5. If your web application is going to host any web services, you need to also give your account Delete access to the C:\WINDOWS\Temp directory. Note: this is done via the Advanced dialog in the Security page of the Explorer folder properties dialog box.


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