How To Rename Active Directory Custom Attribute



Buradaki adımlar riskli olduğundan mutlaka önce LDAP yedeği almakta fayda var.


Yetki vs ile uğraşmamak adına “psexec -i -s ldp.exe”  komutuyla System ile giriş yaptık. Sunucunun kendisine LDP ile bağlandık.Sonra aşağıdaki adımları izledik.


1 Launch LDP.exe and bind to the DS server you want to modify. Make sure you are
schema admin, and admin over the partition you are modifying
2. After connecting and binding navigate to the browse menu and select the “Modify” option.
3. Leave the DN blank, type ‘schemaUpgradeInProgress’ into the Attribute field and in the values field type 1.
4. Click the Add operation and then click the enter button. This will add this command to the entry list.
5. Click the Run button. If you are successful you should see a successful modify message.
6. Go to View -> Tree. Connect to the appropriate base DN.

Bu adımlardan ldapDisplayName ve DN’i rename ettik.



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